Android touchscreen prototype: Live pictures & video demo!

We're still waiting for the full details from Vincent at the Google IO Keynote, but we wanted to share these first live photos and video of the latest touchscreen Android prototype.  Things have certainly moved on since the last version of the OS we saw: back then Google basically asked us to look past the slightly clunky GUI and concentrate on the potential.  This time round, there's no squinting necessary!  Graphics, animations, functionality, all is slick and up to speed. Check out the Android demo videos after the cut!

In the above demo video, you can see the Android prototype's built-in compass and accelerometer used to pan through a panoramic photo.  The developer team were showing this on a real, working prototype, projected up onto the big screen, remember.

The Google Maps demo, in the video above, is particularly impressive.  It really shows off the handset's graphics capabilities, and as you can hear in the voiceover the 3D processing should bode well for other visually-intensive apps [we don't yet know what 3D processing the handset has]  Below, you can see an entry in the Android Developers Challenge; a version of Pacman coded for the platform:

There are dozens of photos of the touchscreen Android prototype over at Android Community.  If you've the slightest interest in seeing what Apple will be going up against with iPhone v.2, you need to check them out.  We'll be bringing you plenty more from the IO event, so keep reading SlashGear and Android Community!