Android OS and the Mobile World Congress

James Allan Brady - Feb 11, 2008

It almost seems that amongst the other announcements today, Vincent had his own personal agenda to get his hands on as many Android OS based handsets as possible. He didn’t do too bad either by hitting up Qualcomm, TI, and ARM, all of which had booths with their prototypes.

Qualcomm seemed to be the least developed, but they may have had the best hardware. Their display was running on PCB boards, but they had all the parts including an 800×480 touchscreen and a 7201a processor.

TI on the other hand had a full working prototype running their OMAP850 processor from the 11th gen ARM processor line. It also had WiFi and Bluetooth along with a camera and speakers that were built in. it was running on a QVGA display and looked pretty nice.

Lastly, he made it over to the ARM both where they had their own prototype running on a 9th generation ARM processor and it seemed to be the fastest one of them all, in fact Vincent even hinted that it seemed faster than some of the devices that were announced as finished today. So, if you were worried about the hardware requirements being to high, or the OS slowing things down too much, that might not actually be too much of a concern.

They said we’d start seeing Android phones sometime this summer, and that date is fast approaching, so hopefully they are able to pull that out. I have pictures here, but if you want the vids, click on through and check them out on PhoneMag.

[via PhoneMag]

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