Android Q update may hit Chromebooks before your phone

If you've got a smartphone that you didn't buy in the last several months, you might not get the Android Q update before your best buddy's chromebook. One reason this is a distinct possibility is the nature of the update process. Because Google takes a big part in creating each new version of Android, but does not own every phone manufacturer, there are steps in place between here and there.

The big difference between what an "update to Android Q" means in Chrome OS and in Android smartphones is implementation. Clues appeared this week in the official Chromium Gerrit which point toward an update to Android Q in the near future. This will make the biggest difference to the very, very few developers making apps specifically for Chromebook users running Android apps.

That's a very unique sort of user type – the type that's on a notebook-sized device, but is running a smartphone-sized Android. The differences can be small, sure. But given the extra space, the possibility that there's no touchscreen, and the fact that not all Chromebooks and Android phones are created equal – there's a bit of wiggle room for mishap.

For 9to5Google, this comes down to Android version. In the past, it wasn't always guaranteed when Chrome OS would get an upgrade to the latest version of Android for development purposes. Now, with clues appearing in code via Google, it's clear that Android Q will come soon to Chromebooks. It's also quite likely that Android updates will start to come more regularly to Chromebooks across the board.

As for Android updates to your phone: It's really anybody's guess. If you have a Samsung phone to update, you're probably in pretty good shape. If you've got a carrier-specific smartphone that's not made by a major manufacturer, consider whatever version of Android your on now to be the last one you'll get, and you'll never be disappointed!