Android Market update released for Honeycomb tablets

Chris Burns - Sep 29, 2011, 4:29pm CDT
Android Market update released for Honeycomb tablets

Users tapping away on their Motorola XOOM tablets (of the Wi-fi variety) will be glad to find an over-the-air update coming to them today that includes nothing less than the newest version of the Android Market, one we’ve seen popping up on handsets of all kinds for the past couple of weeks. This newest version of the market re-arranges the way you search for and browse apps, retaining then the content of the market as well as the prices, your account, and basic bits along those lines. Hackers will soon be bringing this to Android tablets of all kinds, of course, leads on this included in the text below.

For you XOOM users you can check for the update to your system by heading to menu, going to settings, clicking about tablet, and checking for updates. Once you have the update, it should look something like what our sister site Android Community has up in their gallery. Meanwhile you can get a full look at this market in our original Android Market 3.0.26 hands-on review from when it was released for handsets. Once we’ve got the full build (a stable one, that is) up and running on a tablet, we’ll be sure to get you another hands-on look.

Meanwhile XOOM users should note that this update brings you up to build HTK75D and it appears that nothing has changed other than the Android Market being updated. Of course this is just what’s been seen on the surface, there very well could have been a slew of bug fixes noone knows about. XOOM always with the updatin’.

Thus far for all you hackers out there it seems that there is a working method to get your rooted XOOM from one version to the next to access that new market — [right here], meanwhile we’ll keep searching for the market.apk to send it out to you directly. Until then!

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