Android Jelly Bean to follow Ice Cream Sandwich

In what can only be described as totally making alphabetical sense, J for Jelly Bean will follow I for Ice Cream in Google's mobile operating system line we're hearing today. This information comes from a tip given to ThisIsMyNext's Chris Ziegler and without a doubt is one of the most sparse tips we've published all week, this right next to the Nexus Prime (or whatever you want to call it by the time it's released) carrying what we expect will be Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. What Jelly Bean will hold for Android will likely be improvements over the Ice Cream Sandwich platform which is set to unite the two factions of Android, that being tablet and smartphone, in the coming months. Android Jelly Bean, coming up next!

What we've been hearing about the Nexus Prime, what we expect will be the next hero phone for Google as created by Samsung, is that it's got a support page already and that Samsung has it in more than one place inside their webpage manifest. You'll certainly continue to be hearing about this device as it leads up to the next Android in the next few months. In fact, we also recently heard from the man himself Eric Schmidt that the Ice Cream Sandwich platform would be coming out, indeed, inside 2011, more likely inside the months of November and October specifically.

As a sidenote: We recently heard firsthand that Sony Ericsson may well not be participating in the dairy party inside 2011.

Meanwhile we've got the next candy just about to jump in the dish. Jelly Bean! Android Jelly Bean! How long before our sweet tooth is satisfied? We're thinking never! Sugar ahead!

[via ThisIsMyNext]