Android apps starter pack: A few new oddities you might grab

Our most updated look at what a new Android user should download first is here – in this Android apps starter pack. Today I'm going to make the process really, really simple, and drop the following unto your brain: Google Creative Lab. Users that've never used an Android device before – or have had an Android device, and still do, but want to see something wild and new, this is what's up.

Google works with some of the most wild and inventive developers in the world. As such, they create apps that test the limits of the abilities of Android devices of all sorts. In Google's Google Play-listed Google Creative Lab collection, apps are both free and extraordinary. Right this minute, there's a little bit of odd for everyone.

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Google has Inside Abbey Road, an app made for Google Cardboard – VR – that brings the user inside the famous recording studio. There's an app called Landmarker that Nokia fans might find familiar. Landmarker checks your GPS location and allows you to look around your environment with augmented reality points of interest.

Sprayscape is an app that takes the spherical photography platform and makes it into a paintbrush. Instead of filling a sphere with photos that'll later connect into one location-based product, Sprayscape lets the user get real strange with it. Imagine painting the inside of a ball with photos, and this is a tiny bit like that.

Verne: The Himalayas is a game-like adventure sort of thing where you're a yeti and you're exploring Google Earth photos of the famous mountains. It's fun or terrifying, dependent on your fear of heights. Lip Swap is an app that swaps your lips for the lips of someone else.

Tunnel Vision takes an image and splatters it all over the walls of a tube that ends in the image. It'll make a lot more sense when you see it up close.

Finally there's one of the most amazing Android apps I've ever seen in my life. It's called Just a Line. It works with various sensors in your smartphone to create an augmented reality in which you can paint lines in 3D space. It's like Tilt Brush, but slightly less detailed and slightly more in the real world.

If you roll with these apps, all available in the Google Play app store right now for free, you won't be disappointed. Most or all of these apps should work on any Android smartphone made inside the last several years. Just a Line might need to be a phone made in the past year, but the rest should be pretty wide open.