Google Play Instant lets users sneak a peek

Users with the latest update of Google Play will be able to test games without a full download. This update allows users to jump in on gameplay as fast as possible, rather than committing to a full download – some of which are so massive, no user wants to take the time to initiate. Only SOME games will be in the Instant Gameplay collection right out the gate.

The first collection of Instant Gameplay games include Clash Royale, Words With Friends 2, Solitaire (by Zynga), Final Fantasy XV, Mighty Battles, and Bubble Witch 3 Saga (by King.) So there's not a whole lot of variety there – 6 games and 5 developers, all of which already had a real fighting chance of catching your attention well enough for a full download in the first place.

In the near future, we're hoping it'll be so extremely simple for developers, they'll all automatically join in on the Instant Gameplay fun. This would be a WELCOME change to the Android developer universe, a universe which has traditionally been fraught with the curse of users without the will to pay for apps.

Maybe this will turn things around. We recently had a bit of a discussion about how ads in Google Play are about to affect the app market. Those changes are coming into play with this newest update. Watch the throne – and don't forget to look for the word "ad" near anything you're about to tap.

Changes are coming to the Google Play Games app. That app got a bit of a redesign in order for game developers to find their way on to your device as effectively as possible. In the app, users will see game video trailers, find games with tags, and view "news" about games via YouTube videos. It's a whole new world.