American Express and Facebook Launch Link, Like, Love Deals Platform

This deals platform goes by the name "Link, Like, Love." It's the greatest thing since sliced bread. It's going to destroy all other credit cards and deals programs. They'll never know what hit em. This is a deals program that you set up with your credit card in which you "like" deals on the internet then instantly get the deals you've liked when you use your credit card to purchase the goods or services that are involved in the deal. That's powerful. That's a Google Offers killer – isn't it? Let's have a quick talk on what this new platform means for everyone from small business owners to MasterCard.

All you've essentially got to do here is begin by linking your American Express card to your Facebook account for starters. Next you've got to find a deal that you enjoy, "like" it, this loading the deal to your American Express account, then you've just gotta get out there and get that deal! Have a look at the message being sent out to draw consumers in for this promotion:

"You and your friends like and share many things on Facebook. Now, American Express has deals and experiences for you based on those likes and interests. And once you sign up and choose your deals, all you have to do is use your American Express® Card and statement credits will be sent directly to your Card account.

No coupons. No hassles. Just a credit on your statement, and savings in your pocket."

This does away with the hassle of teaching consumers any new process (all of these things are inherently understood for a basic Facebook and American Express user, if you ask me,) and makes way for a completely employee-less sale. The time and effort that goes into training a staff on how to use a special deal costs a company that time and effort – this way the cost is minimized to essentially nothing. What this model does is takes transaction history and utilizes it to the max.

With transaction histories, merchants will be able to target offers to the people who've proven that they'll be willing to come to specific businesses if they feel the product, service, or better yet, deal on a product or service, is worth the time and effort they've got to spend getting it. Membership Rewards will almost certainly build into this as well, making for a great long-lasting business model for both businesses AND American Express. When you teach a person how to do a task with your unique tool, their first instinct becomes to use that tool to do the task.

And what's best in this whole situation? Unlike Groupon who take a 50 percent cut of each deal, American Express takes zero precent, making their money instead from normal payment transaction fees.

Win for American Express.

Win for businesses.

Win for Facebook.

[via Facebook]