AMD Q109 revenue flat; $308m operating loss

AMD have announced their Q1 2009 financial results, and while the company has managed to prevent any further slide in revenue from the disastrous previous quarter, it's still not good news.  Revenues for the three month period were $1.177 billion, flat compared to Q4 2008 but down 21-percent compared to Q1 2008.  Operating loss amounted to $308m.

That's bad news for anybody relying on AMD shares to feather their retirement: a net loss to AMD common stockholders of $416 million or $0.66 per share.  First quarter gross margin was 43-percent, and the company spent $21m over the three month period on the formation of GLOBALFOUNDRIES, the chip manufacturing deal that prompted Intel to threaten x86 licensing termination.

AMD took $938m in revenue in their CPU business, an increase of 7-percent over Q4 2009 but down 21-percent compared to Q1 2008.  As for their GPU business, revenue was $222m, down 18-percent over Q4 2008 and 15-percent over Q1 2008.  The company expects revenue to be down in Q2 2009.