AMD demo Llano CPU/GPU hybrid and Brazos chips [Video]

Chris Davies - Oct 19, 2010, 2:49 am CDT
AMD demo Llano CPU/GPU hybrid and Brazos chips [Video]

AMD has been talking about its Fusion technology for some time now, and the company got around to demonstrating it – together with holding up a big AMD Llano wafer – at a Taipei press conference this week.  SemiAccurate caught the video, together with a second demo showing AMD’s Brazos platform in action, while Hexus grabbed some shots of a Llano validation board.

Llano is a hybrid CPU/GPU processor which began sampling recently, and is expected to start showing up in desktops in 2011.  It’s a 32nm part consisting of four Phenom II-type cores and a DX11 graphics-core.  Meanwhile Brazos will be a low-power alternative intended for notebooks and ultraportables.

AMD Llano demo:

AMD Brazos demo:

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