Amazon to launch UK Kindle next week?

We wouldn't crack open our piggy-banks quite yet, but theBookseller are claiming that Amazon will launch their Kindle ebook reader in the UK next week, aiming for an October launch.  According to their unnamed sources, Amazon have signed non-disclosure agreements with various publishers in advance of the announcement; "The key things they needed to tie up have been tied up," claimed the source, "the rumours I've heard are all saying next week."

Amazon have previously confirmed that they plan international launches of their ebook reader, which is capable of wirelessly downloading new titles from their online store, but have never made public any sort of timescale for their release.  Qualcomm is tipped as the supplier of wireless modules which will enable 3G connectivity for the digital downloads; however those rumors also suggested that the UK Kindle wouldn't debut until December 2009.

[via MobileRead]