The best Amazon Prime Day deals guide isn't a buy list

Today we're investigating the best way to work with Amazon Prime Day. As a consumer and a reader of tech blogs, you might be looking for the best deals that'll appear on Amazon Prime Day. As a writer for a tech publication, I'm in the midst of a dilemma. I'm encouraged by every PR company under the sun to help get the word out about the products that'll be on sale. But with the knowledge I have, it's clear: Creating a holiday for the biggest store on the internet doesn't make a bad product good, and no discount for a product is any better than that company wants.

Amazon Prime Day Holiday

Amazon made the slick decision to promote a single day in which they'd appear to offer good "deals" on products of many sorts. That day is Amazon Prime Day, and its primary function isn't giving end users high quality products at lower-than-possible prices. The primary function of Amazon Prime Day is getting new users to sign up for Amazon Prime.

Amazon's Great Prize

The most valuable item on Amazon Prime Day is consumer forgetfulness and/or laziness. On Amazon Prime Day, Amazon is a fitness club, and their primary objective is getting consumers to pass that all-important first hurdle. Once a new consumer signs up for Amazon Prime, Amazon's done the hard part.

The easy part of this equation for Amazon is retaining Amazon Prime subscriptions. It's only a few bucks a month, right? The value given to the consumer with free shipping and such is more than enough to make the average consumer stay onboard with the Amazon Prime subscription.

For many consumers, it's far easier to forget to cancel a subscription to a service like Amazon Prime than it is to take the time to cancel said service. On Amazon Prime Day, Amazon's many product sales partners do them the favor of promoting their products with the presumption that the end user already has an Amazon Prime subscription. The end user makes a list of items they want, they go to Amazon on Prime Day, and if they don't already have a Prime subscription, they jump that hurdle with the greatest of ease.

The Best Deals on Prime Day!

If you're the forgetful type, like I am, I recommend you skip Amazon Prime Day altogether. Even IF you've located a deal that's still a significant cost-cut after the cost of the Prime subscription, you've got to consider the service you've bought yourself into. The best deals on Prime Day are for products that fall into these categories:

1. Products you've wanted for a long time that you've been waiting on a discount for.

2. Products sold to users who are already Prime subscribers.

3. Close-out sales (which, incidentally, don't appear on Prime Day)

Don't hold your breath if you're looking for a sale on an item on Amazon Prime Day that'll change your life. Buying a product of any significant price is as it's always been: Best when done with a level head. On this day more than almost any other, keep a keen eye on your emotions, as they're about to be targeted, in an EXTREME way.

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YOU CAN find deals on Amazon Prime Day – just don't jump in and buy everything that LOOKS like a good deal. Most of it isn't! Stay tuned for additional tips before Monday.