Amazon Prime Day 2021 dates and one important tip

Here in June of 2021, Amazon Prime Day will take place near the end of the month, jam packed full of products. Like other Amazon Prime Day events, this newest Amazon Prime Day 2021 will contain a whole bunch of products with prices slightly lower than they would otherwise be. As with other Amazon Prime Day events, it's important to keep track of the standard prices of products NOW, before the event, so you're able to see if the "sale" prices are actually worth the effort.

Generally the Amazon Prime Day event takes place around this month – or it has in the past, save the year 2020. In the year 2020, the Amazon Prime Day event took place in the month of October, delayed just a BIT because of the COVID-19 global pandemic and the shipping delays that came with it.

As is generally the case, and as we've seen in cases in several (if not all) of the Amazon Prime Day events of the past, some "sale" prices won't be particularly major at all. One thing you'll definitely want to avoid: Dropping in on this sale event without a plan.

Amazon is able to take major advantage of your natural desire to get a deal, even when said "deal" involves you trading money for products and services you wouldn't otherwise want or need. If you visit Amazon online during the Amazon Prime Day event just to check whether they have anything for sale you might want to buy, there's a VERY good chance you'll spend money by the time you leave.

They'll attempt to draw you in with "flash" sales and price drops that appear to be temporary. They'll make you feel like you'll never again have the opportunity to own a given product or service for their Amazon Prime Day prices.

The absolute best way to handle Amazon Prime Day, this year and every year, is to plan ahead. Make a list (even if said list includes just one item) and investigate the product or products you're interested in finding. Make notes of prices before the Amazon Prime Day event, and do not get taken for a ride on the day of said event.

This year's Amazon Prime Day event will take place on two days – June 21 and June 22, 2021. This event will require that you have an Amazon Prime subscription before you buy anything for any sort of sale price. Remember that, too – that's a subscription service, a service that'll continue to cost you money after you've completed your purchase unless you take the time to cancel said subscription.