Amazon Music app for Google TV and Android TV OS released

The Amazon Music app is now available on Google TV and Android TV OS, bringing easier access to the streaming music service from TVs, consoles, and set-top boxes. It joins the exiting Amazon Music apps for iOS and Android phones and tablets, as well as Fire tablets and the web-based player.

The app supports Google's confusing mixture of TV attempts, both Google TV and Android TV OS, which covers several generations of devices. Several TVs are running one or the other of those, along with consoles and speakers.

Exactly what you can access with the new app will depend on which sort of Amazon Music service you're subscribed to. Amazon Music Unlimited, for instance, has 70+ million songs, plus thousands of playlists and stations, the retailer says. If you're an Amazon Prime member, meanwhile, there are around two million songs and over a thousand playlists and stations bundled into that subscription.

If you're subscribed to neither of those things, there's ad-supported playlists and stations. Free tier subscribers also miss out on the music videos which Amazon added for Ultimate plan users back in December 2020.

If you're an LG Smart TV owner, meanwhile, you'll have already had access to an Amazon Music app. Apple TV, too, offers such an app in the App Store.

The Amazon Music app for Android TV OS is available to download from today, in the US, UK, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, India, Japan, and Australia.