Amazon Kindle DX teardown

When we reviewed the Kindle DX yesterday, we stopped short at ripping the ebook reader apart; after all, Amazon want it back, and probably in one piece.  RapidRepair have had no such qualms, however, and promptly set to their own Kindle DX with a screwdriver.

Inside, as you might imagine from the ebook reader's extreme thinness, there's a relatively small amount of individual components.  The white front bezel is glued to the E Ink panel, but most other things seem to clip off or unscrew relatively easily, and of course as the photo above shows, the display can maintain its text even with no power supply attached.

Interestingly, the wireless card is simply a separate mini-PCIe EVDO module, to allow access to Sprint's 3G network and Amazon's Whispernet service.  We're now wondering whether anybody has switched this out for an HSPA modem and managed the get their Kindle working on GSM networks.