Amazon Kindle 2 drops to $299

Chris Davies - Jul 9, 2009, 1:28am CDT
Amazon Kindle 2 drops to $299

Amazon have slashed $60 off the price of their Amazon Kindle 2 ebook reader, pulling the device to $299 for the first time.  The move is being seen as a response to a growing number of ebook reader rivals, though admittedly none have the same wireless distribution network in place that Amazon have organized.

The Kindle 2 was announced back in February, keeping the wireless download capabilities, QWERTY keyboard and lengthy battery life of its predecessor but throwing in a newly designed casing and Whispernet synchronization.  At $359, though, it encountered criticism from many users, who suggested Amazon should discount the hardware device and recoup any losses from ebook sales.

More recently, Amazon introduced the Kindle DX, a larger version with a 9.7-inch E Ink display.  That, currently, remains at $489, though despite the significant premium the DX has sold out.  It seems unlikely that, with demand so strong, Amazon will discount their newer device any time soon.

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