Amazon HTC 7 Trophy pre-order page pulled [Updated]

Chris Davies - Oct 14, 2010
Amazon HTC 7 Trophy pre-order page pulled [Updated]

The Amazon UK listing for the unlocked HTC 7 Trophy – which suggested the SIM-free Windows Phone 7 would be arriving on November 8 – has been taken down.  The change is presumably at the request of Vodafone, who have exclusivity on the device, at least initially.

HTC had previously told us that none of their Windows Phone 7 devices would be available SIM-free and unlocked at the point of launch, since carriers had negotiated exclusives with the manufacturer.  There are three HTC devices – the HTC 7 Trophy, HTC HD7 and HTC 7 Mozart – which will arrive in Europe from October 21.

However Expansys is still showing their listing for the HTC 7 Trophy, albeit with the expected release date pushed back to November 11.  We’re checking in with Vodafone for a comment, but we don’t expect the carrier’s exclusivity agreement to be quite that short-term.

Update: We’ve spoken with Vodafone, who tell us that the HTC 7 Trophy will only be available through them.  Interestingly, they say that exclusivity is for the lifetime of the device, and that they currently have no plans to offer it on prepay or as a handset-only deal.

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