Amazon add Palm Pre to online catalog

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After Sprint opened up the doors to online ordering of the Palm Pre through their webstore, Amazon have got in on the action.  The webOS smartphone is now available to order there, too, priced at the same $199.99 as Sprint but with no mail-in rebate forms to deal with.

The Pre is also available without a service plan, and it's actually cheaper than Sprint are offering.  $499.99 gets you the Pre without Sprint's clutches, though of course as a CDMA smartphone and not a GSM one it's of limited use.  We have seen at least one hack getting a Pre onto Verizon's network, but it's neither easy nor fully functional, and use outside of North America is still limited.

Still, if you're content with Sprint's service and have been thinking about a Pre of your own, Amazon may be the place for you.  It's available now, with free two-day shipping if you sign up to a two-year agreement.

[via My Pre]