Alternate Star Wars IX script animated in video

Colin Trevorrow wrote a script for Star Wars 9, aka Star Wars IX, that never happened. This movie script was abandoned and a new script was written, that script became Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The abandoned, rumored, mythical script was meant to be used by Trevorrow to direct a film that would have been called Star Wars Duel of the Fates. This was lovingly interpreted, translated, and compacted into a 10-minute animated clip for your consumption.

Posted by Mr Sunday Movies on YouTube, animated by Ethan Taylar. You can see more art from this creator over at EthanTaylart on Instagram. The video was posted at the tail end of March, 2020, without any official authorization from Lucasfilm or Disney. You'll find this video clip to be an entertaining and welcome distraction from our currently global pandemic quarantine situation. It's made of digital clay – and it is a masterpiece.

You'll get some double-bladed lightsaber action from Rey – more than you've seen in the past, anyway. You'll get more General Leia. We wouldn't have gotten this bit regardless of script, since by the time the movie was meant to be filmed, our national hero Carrie Fisher had already passed from this mortal realm.

As the leaked script suggested, Finn, Poe, BB-8, and Rose all drop in to an imperial shipyard right at the beginning. Rey comes and saves the lot – sorta!

You'll also find a significant amount of Luke Skywalker appearing – far more than was in the actual filmed movie, anyway. One massive difference appeared in Emperor Palpatine. Instead of this monster, there was meant to be a different monster by the name of Master Tor Vallum.

Rey gets to go to a different plane of existence, too! She meets Obi Wan, she meets Yoda, and she re-meets Luke. And Han Solo pops up again, too! Because why not!

Instead of all this in the full massive movie format, we got The Rise of Skywalker, and Colin Treverrow went on to work on Jurassic World: Dominion. Keep your fingers crossed for more Colin Treverrow in the Star Wars universe in a more... real... capacity in the future.