AltConf not allowed to stream Apple's WWDC

You may not have heard of it before, but AltConf is an independently run developer conference held in San Francisco during the same week as Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), and Apple has just rained on their parade, so to speak. During previous years, AltConf has live streamed Apple's WWDC keynote for its own attendees, but even though the independent event caters to OS X and iOS developers, Apple has threatened legal action if organizers try to stream again this year.

AltConf had been planning to stream the keynote speech, as well as WWDC sessions taking place throughout the week, like it has in the past. These sessions are where third-party developers get to meet with Apple engineers in person, and get advice and hands-on instructions about the changes coming to iOS and OS X over the next year.

Apple's attorneys sent AltConf's organizers a letter on Thursday, demanding they not go through with their plans. Apple does have this right, as their terms for live streams state that users are "prohibited from copying, modifying, redistributing, rebroadcasting or re-encoding this content without prior written permission from Apple."

This firm represents Apple Inc. ("Apple") in certain matters. Apple has recently learned that AltConf 2015 ("AltConf") is promoting its intent to stream live content from Apple's WWDC events, including the Keynote address, and is charging $300 for guaranteed spots in the viewing area for the live streams.

Publicly streaming Apple's WWDC content in the manner in which AltConf proposes would violate Apple's copyright rights in the content. This is particularly the case where AltConf proposes to offer the content for profit. Therefore, Apple requests that you refrain from publicly streaming the WWDC addresses.

This isn't strictly about Apple wanting to make users go through its own channels to view the content, rather it's that AltConf was technically charging its attendees for the right to see the keynote and other streams. AltConf is free to attend, but this year they introduced an option for a $300 premium pass that grants purchasers early access to a number of events, with the WWDC keynote included. The WWDC viewing room is said to still be free enter, however there is just no guarantee there will be enough space.

Apple allows users to watch the keynote stream for free from their iOS devices and Apple TV, and registered developers can also watch the week's sessions through their portal on Apple's website. So it's likely that Apple's decision to stop AltConf from broadcasting the stream is based on not wanting someone else to profit from their content.