Alienware Steam Machine release set for September

Today the folks responsible for Dell's Alienware gaming hardware group have announced that they'll be releasing their Steam Machine in September. This mysterious announcement comes after other hardware manufacturers making Steam Machines have suggested they're still waiting for Valve to let them know when they'll be able to release their hardware – iBuyPower suggests specifically that they'd potentially be able to release as soon as February of this year if it weren't for waiting on Valve. Now Alienware says they're good to go.

When asked about release dates at a Valve special event at CES 2014, CEO Gabe Newell suggested the press ask the individual hardware manufacturers themselves. Each other manufacturer – until today – has suggested that they'll be able to give more information at a later date. Evidently that date is today – for Alienware at least.

A general "second half of the year" consensus has been reached amongst those responsible for manufacturing Steam Machines – the partners of Valve, that is – so it could be that Alienware is simply banking on the word of Valve that they'll have the full setup ready by then. Valve has only to deliver the final market-ready version of SteamOS as well as the final Steam Controller hardware for OEMs to move forward.

Pricing has not been released for the Alienware machine, but given the basic size and specifications we're to understand Alienware is working with thus far, it's safe to assume this model will be amongst those choosing to roll with a $499 price point. Stick around our SteamOS tag portal for more – we've got more interviews and inside information coming up soon!

VIA: Engadget, Dave Oshry