Alien VS Predator: Evolution revisited with full developer walkthrough

Chris Burns - Mar 22, 2013
Alien VS Predator: Evolution revisited with full developer walkthrough

Today the developers behind the newest Alien VS Predator franchise game AVP: Evolution have revealed a full walk-through of the many elements included in this mobile masterpiece. If you’ll recall we recently did our own full review if Alien VS Predator: Evolution as it rang true on Android not too long ago – the game is also out for iOS and we’ll be updating you soon if and when we find any and all differences in gameplay between the two iterations. Today’s treat is all about a perspective we always like to have – inside the mind of the creators.

What you’re being allowed to experience today is one of the most perfect all-inclusive walkthroughs of a mobile app we’ve ever seen – and we’re not just talking about games. It’s rare to find a group of developers willing to create such an excellent nutshell video for prospective players of their creation, complete with gameplay. And that’s another thing – while most games are advertised with only cinematics, this video gives you a full real-deal gameplay showing of what you’re in for.

If you’d like to see what AngryMob Games and Fox Digital Entertainment released for a trailer back about a month ago, we’ve got that for you too. Here you’ll see more of a cinematics-only look at the game. There are a few moments of deadly in-game action about 3/4 of the way in, from both species angles, of course – you’ll have a good time seeing all the fatalities, for sure!

And don’t forget to keep your lunch at the end. Finally to lighten the mood – if you’re not all about slaying and are still reading – you’ll have a fabulous out-of-mind experience watching SlashGear’s own open source music mix gameplay video. It’s rather experimental, and you’re going to love it – have a peek!

Then stay tuned here on SlashGear as we continue to follow the developer of this game and watch what magic they bring forth next! They’ve also already released a very similar game by the name of Predators – tied to the movie by the same name, no less! Grab that and Alien VS Predator: Evolution for iOS and/or Android today!

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