AlessiTAB Android home tablet coming September [Video]

Alessi may be better known for their kitchenwares, but that hasn't stopped them dabbling in electronics.  The AlessiTAB has its sights set on your countertop, an Android based touchscreen tablet with integrated WiFi and digital TV that spotted at a recent Italian design fair.  It's the design handiwork of Stefano Giovannoni and is being made for Alessi by Promelit, the same company responsible for the SFR Hubster and the AlessiPhone.Video demo after the cut

The AlessiTAB comes with a docking base-station, and Promelit reckon the battery is good for up to 6hrs autonomous use.  It's being positioned as a handy way to check Facebook and Twitter, as well as browse the web and display digital media like photos.

According to the company, the AlessiTAB is expected to launch in Europe come September 2010, with a roughly €300 ($403) price tag.  More details in the video concept demo below, including how the tablet fits onto the dock to recharge; it looks like there'll be USB and an SD card slot, among other ports.

[via MoCo Loco]