Aiptek T20 Pocket Cinema pico-projector preorders taken in UK

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Aiptek's T20 Pocket Cinema pico-projector has shown up for pre-order in the UK, with a £199.99 ($330) sticker price and a release date of September 1st.  Like the BeamBox Essential G2, the Aiptek T20 lacks an onboard battery and media-player, and is instead intended to be hooked up to a notebook or netbook via USB.

According to Aiptek, the T20 is capable of producing a VGA resolution image up to 42-inches in size.  It relies on USB for both power and signal, coming with a dual-headed cable in case the juice from one port is insufficient.

The whole thing is a laptop-bag-friendly 459g and comes with an adjustable mini-tripod; all of the USB display drivers are stored on the T20 itself.  No word on when it might cross over to the US, however.

[via PicoProjector-Info]