BeamBox Essential G2 pico-projector aimed at netbooks/notebooks

Chris Davies - Jul 20, 2009
BeamBox Essential G2 pico-projector aimed at netbooks/notebooks

BeamBox’s Evolution R1 pico-projector wasn’t exactly a giant, but the company obviously decided they could do better with their next-gen model.  The BeamBox Essential G2, then, drops both bulk and weight to come in at 75g, together with 20 lumens brightness and VGA 640 x 480 resolution.

As with the R1 there’s 1GB of onboard storage, but unlike that model there’s no integrated battery.  That means you’ll always need external power to drive the G2, but since it shows up via USB as a secondary monitor when plugged into a laptop or netbook that should be no great issue. 

There’s also a remote control and tripod mount, and it’s compatible with both Windows and Mac machines.  Contrast ratio is 100:1 and the Essential G2 can create up to a 73.5-inch image from three meters away.  It’s available for pre-order now, priced at £220 or $250, with deliveries expected to begin on July 29th.


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