After “Voltswagen” stunt, here’s how many ID.4 EVs VW has actually sold

Chris Davies - Apr 1, 2021, 12:54pm CDT
After “Voltswagen” stunt, here’s how many ID.4 EVs VW has actually sold

Volkswagen has revealed just how many of its new ID.4 electric crossovers it has sold in the US, the EV which prompted a fairly disastrous April Fool’s joke in which the automaker insisted it was changing its name to “Voltswagen” in America. It’s clearly early days for the 2021 ID.4 in sales numbers, too, as the first of VW’s models to use the MEB all-electric platform in the US gets off to a conservative start.

In Q1 2021, VW said today, it sold 474 of the ID.4. They will presumably all have been 2021 ID.4 1st Edition trims, which started at $43,990 before destination fees and any incentives. VW says it has sold through the limited-edition run, which are rated at 250 miles of EPA range.

Later in 2021, meanwhile, it will begin sales of the 2021 ID.4 Pro. That will be more affordable – from $39,995 before destination and applicable incentives – though come with less standard equipment. An all-wheel drive version of the crossover is expected to follow after that.

It’s difficult to say at this stage whether this is a grand showing for VW when it comes to initial sales. The automaker has declined to say just how many ID.4 1st Editions it had to offer, though it triumphantly announced that its full allotment had been snapped up in the US in less than a day.

Regardless, there’s clearly some way to go before Volkswagen’s electric sales catch up with demand for its internal combustion crossovers and SUVs. In the same Q1 2021 period, for example, the automaker sold over 27,000 Tiguan, over 19,000 Atlas, and over 11,000 Atlas Cross Sport models. It also managed to sell 21 e-Golf models, the previous all-electric hatchback production of which ceased in December of last year.

“SUVs now account for more than 60-percent of VW’s sales,” the automaker pointed out today. SUV sales in Q1 were up 55-percent, with a 64-percent share of overall vehicle sales for the three month period.

It comes as VW’s attempts to gain attention for its electrification efforts backfired somewhat this week, as an April Fool’s Day stunt failed to prompt universal laughs. The automaker announced earlier in the week that it was renaming its US operations of “Voltswagen of America,” a nod to its electric future. What appeared to be an accidental announcement on Monday was followed by an earnest press release on the matter come Tuesday, with controversy over just what VW staff actually confirmed to media questioning the apparent change.

“What began as an April Fool’s effort got the whole world buzzing,” VW said of the joke. “Turns out people are as passionate about our heritage as they are about our electric future. So whether it’s Voltswagen or Volkswagen, people talking about electric driving and our ID.4 can only be a good thing.”

Certainly, there’s no doubt that a shift to embrace EVs is seen by most as a good thing. All eyes, though, will be on VW’s Q2 2021 sales figures to see whether demand and deliveries of the ID.4 actually live up to the hype from the automaker, as it wades into what’s becoming a competitive category.

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