After a fan vote, here's the Monopoly token getting the axe

Back in January, Hasbro announced a fan vote that had some pretty seriously implications for the famous board game Monopoly. With this vote, fans of the classic game would vote on one of its iconic tokens to be removed, which would be replaced by another token later on in the year. Today, Hasbro announced the results of the vote, letting everyone know which token will soon be getting the axe.

As it turns out, the thimble token came in last in voting, meaning that it will be removed from the game come springtime. The token that will be replacing it is currently unknown – the Vote Monopoly site, which hosted the event, says that winning tokens will be revealed on March 19, 2017, which has been dubbed Monopoly Day.

In truth, the thimble was perhaps the best representation of a bygone era when it comes to Monopoly tokens. You don't see thimbles much these days, since their usage declined as sewing machines became more ubiquitous and needlepoint dropped in popularity as a hobby. At least voters didn't get rid of the Scottie dog, right?

This isn't the first time Hasbro has held a vote to determine which Monopoly tokens should be phased out. Back in 2013, a similar vote was held, with voters choosing to ditch the iron token and replace it with a cat token. While other tokens have been phased out and added throughout the years, both the iron and the thimble were included in the game from the start.

We'll see what got voted in next month, but for now, have a look at our gallery of all of the proposed tokens. Some of the standouts include a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a bunny, and a penguin, though a fair number of emoji were also on the ballot as well. As for those who don't want to see the thimble go, you may want to pick up a Monopoly set sooner rather than later, because the thimble's days are definitely numbered.

SOURCE: Hasbro