Adonit Jot Script Evernote Edition stylus makes you forget about ink

If you thought there were enough solutions for jotting down your notes digitally before today, Evernote implores you to think again. Today they've shown off the Jot Script – a new edition of the Adonit stylus in an "Evernote Edition" made specifically to tie in with the cloud capture service for notes and the app called Penultimate. Between the two, iOS devices will have you capturing notes in the most all-inclusive (digital) way possible today.

What you've got here is a "hybrid stylus". This means that though you've got a digital connection with Bluetooth, you'll also be able to jot without power with the machine's capacitive touchscreen-friendly tip. This device works specifically with the Jot Script SDK (software) for apps (like Penultimate) for precision writing, while the tip of the pen (at "Pixelpoint" sizing of 1.9mm) allows some next-level sharp penning.

NOTE: Keen-eyed technology news readers will remember this device being teased not too long ago by Evernote at the opening of their market. Today's news includes final release information as well as a refresher for those that might already know.

The pen itself works with a single standard AAA battery and it all connects with Bluetooth 4.0. Working with Penultimate, this experience allows the dismissal of your wrist so you can rest upon the iPad or iPhone with ease. There's also a simple Zoom feature for extra-sharp detailing and a feature called Drift.

When you're zoomed in, the Drift feature moves the page for you as you write full sentences. Without this, zooming in requires extra movement along the page to continue writing.

"Tip: Your first experience with the drift feature will likely surprise you. Don't accelerate your writing to catch up, just keep going as you normally would. It may take a few minutes to become accustomed to this approach, but once you are you'll wonder how you ever used anything else." – Evernote

The latest version of Penultimate – with the features listed here – is available from the iTunes app store for free. This newest version works with the Jot Script SDK for full attachment to the $74.95 pen itself. This pen is available from the ever-expanding physical product internet shop called Evernote Market.