Adobe courts grumpy Final Cut Pro X users with switch endorsements

Adobe has gone on the charm offensive with dissatisfied Apple Final Cut Pro X users, attempting to persuade them to jump ship from the allegedly "dumbed-down" video editing package to its own Premiere Pro software. The company has pushed out a number of videos and profiles highlighting previous switchers – and the success they've had since – as well as tutorials showing how straightforward it can be to make the jump from Final Cut Pro.

Final Cut Pro X was released last week after much anticipation from video editors. However, that excitement turned, in some cases, to disappointment, with complaints that the software lacked backward compatibility with projects created in older versions, as well as some of the previously standard features they had come to rely on. In response, Apple has begun offering special refunds to users wanting to step back to previous versions.

That still leaves those editors looking at what path they want to take with their video software, and despite claims of six-monthly updates to Final Cut Pro X, Adobe reckons the best route is via its own, rival app. For instance, it has featured cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, who switched to Premiere Pro so that he could edit video shot on his DSLR for the film Act of Valor.

Whether that will be enough remains to be seen, though we wouldn't be surprised if Adobe offered would-be switchers a discount to trade in their old Final Cut Pro versions and get a shiny new copy of Premiere Pro instead.

[via The Loop]