Adidas abandon $10m iAd campaign over Steve Jobs interference?

Has Steve Jobs' "control freak" ways cost Apple a $10m iAd contract with Adidas?  That's the rumor out of Silicon Alley Insider, citing two "mobile industry executives" who reckon the sportswear manufacturer pulled their campaign after Apple rejected their advertising concepts for a third time.

Interestingly, the report cites Steve Jobs' own involvement as a key issue for Adidas, with the Apple CEO apparently deeply involved in ensuring adverts meet the company's own high standards.  That stance has already seen Apple lose one high-profile partner, Chanel, who also pulled out recently.

For its part, Apple declines to comment though won't deny that Adidas has abandoned iAds.  The advertising scheme – which puts interactive, involving commercials inside of App Store applications – was announced back in April and launched in July; Apple has been criticized for giving partners little control over when or where their content appears, however.

[via Apple Insider]