Active Media switch Poles with WWF Polar Bear flash drive

Remember that Active Media charity penguin flash drive from back in June?   Someone has obviously told Active Media that not every portable storage buyer likes penguins, as the company is back with a polar bear version offering up to 16GB of storage and a donation to the WWF with every purchase.


Active Media's VP of sales, Jerry Thomson, is particularly enthusiastic about the drive; you can tell this man loves polar bears.  According to Thomson, "the WWF Polar Bear drive is an awesome drive" and the company "strived to make every detail physically consistent with a real polar bear."  That doesn't, sadly, extend to scale; the USB-bear is in fact a 40:1 model with silicone rubber "hair texture".

The 2.6-inch long bear is available in 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB capacities, and unlike a real polar bear (as far as I'm aware) has a keyring hole in its tail.  Pricing starts at $9.95 for the smallest, rising to $42.95 for the 16GB drive, with 5-percent of the retail price going to the WWF.


Press Release:

Active Media Products Unveils Windows 7 Compatible Polar Bear USB Drive

Silicone Rubber USB Drive is Lead- and PVC-Free and Benefits World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Fremont, California, July 21, 2009 – Active Media Products (AMP), manufacturer of SSDs and unique USB drives including the Obama drive, today began shipping a WWF Polar Bear USB flash drive that is compatible with Windows® 7 and benefits WWF. Under its licensing agreement with WWF AMP develops and sells a series of portable USB flash drives in the likeness of endangered species, and contributes five percent of the retail price of this product line to WWF.

The Polar Bear drive is a fun way to carry all your important data. Offered in capacities up to 16GB, the Polar Bear drive can store thousands of MP3 songs, photos and presentations and still have space for your favorite video clips. This precision crafted drive is an accurate 40:1 scale model of a real polar bear, and even has 'hair texture'. The non-toxic silicone rubber casing is completely free of PVC, lead and mercury – toxic materials commonly found in USB drives. The keychain hole in the tail is perfect for attaching the Polar Bear drive to a keyring, backpack or briefcase. The drive can stand on all fours or, at only 2.6 inches long and 1.5 inches tall, is small enough to carry in your pocket.

Part NumberDescriptionRetail Price

R1G-POLAR-W1GB WWF Polar Bear USB Drive$9.95

R2G-POLAR-W2GB WWF Polar Bear USB Drive$12.95

R4G-POLAR-W4GB WWF Polar Bear USB Drive$18.95

R8G-POLAR-W8GB WWF Polar Bear USB Drive$24.95

R16G-POLAR-W16GB WWF Polar Bear USB Drive$42.95

According to Jerry Thomson, VP of Sales, "The WWF Polar Bear drive is an awesome drive. We strived to make every detail physically consistent with a real polar bear. It's more than just a square USB drive, it's a storage device that computer users will love to own and enjoy using, and every purchase benefits WWF." The Polar Bear drive joins the Panda and Penguin drives as the third product in AMP's WWF series. The WWF Polar Bear drive is available now through Amazon, Tiger Direct and other online retailers.

About Active Media Products

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Active Media Products LLC is dedicated to developing creative new media products that improve performance and enhance the user's experience. Our products include the Obama USB drives and the World Wildlife Fund series of endangered species USB drives and a range of solid state drives.

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WWF is the world's leading conservation organization, working in 100 countries for nearly half a century. With the support of almost 5 million members worldwide, WWF is dedicated to delivering science-based solutions to preserve the diversity and abundance of life on Earth, halt the degradation of the environment and combat climate change. Visit to learn more.

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