Active Media WWF Penguin flash drives

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Every sale of Active Media's new WWF Penguin USB flash drive may prompt the company to send off a 5-percent donation to the WWF, but we're hoping it won't encourage owners to grab poor, innocent penguins, snatch off their upper-bodies and attempt to ram the remainder into the nearest USB port.  Real penguins don't come in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB or 16GB capacities, after all.

Neither do they have PVC-free non-toxic silicone rubber bodies, like the Active Media penguins have.  The company also claims that their drive is free of lead and mercury. 

No matter how many they sell, Active Media are pledging to give at least $25,000 to the WWF fund, so even if you're lazy and apathetic about your novelty flash storage it's nice to know the animals will still get a donation.  The penguin drives are available now, priced between $12.95 and $42.95.

Press Release:

Active Media Products Launches Penguin USB Flash Drive

Lead- and PVC-Free Silicone Rubber USB Drive Benefits World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Fremont, California – June 10, 2009 – Active Media Products (AMP) today announced a new WWF Penguin USB flash drive. Under its licensing agreement with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) AMP develops and sells a series of portable USB flash drives in the likeness of endangered species, and contributes five percent of the retail price of this product line to WWF.

AMP's second product in this series benefitting WWF is a rubber USB flash drive bearing the likeness of an emperor penguin, but measuring just two and a quarter inches in height. The Penguin drive, like the WWF Panda drive introduced in May, is made of PVC-free non-toxic silicone. The drive is also free of lead and mercury — poisonous metals used in other USB drives. The Penguin drive is offered in capacities up to 16GB.

Part Number Description




R16G-PENGUIN-W16GB WWF Penguin USB Drive

Portable Storage with Character

"The Penguin drive is a unique product that merges form and function to make an excellent storage device. It's a portable flash drive with character", stated Jerry Thomson, vice president of marketing at Active Media Products. Mr. Thomson added, "Our contribution to WWF helps preserve the diversity and abundance of life on Earth, which is something we feel really good about." Active Media Products donates 5% of the retail price of this merchandise to WWF, with a minimum annual contribution of $25,000.

Both Penguin and Panda drives are available immediately from Amazon and other retailers in the US. The 8GB Penguin drive retails for around $26.

About Active Media Products

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Active Media Products LLC is dedicated to developing creative new media products that improve performance and enhance the user's experience. We envision unique new mobile storage devices that are vastly more interesting than traditional storage bricks, and we apply our product design and engineering talents to developing exciting new storage products. Our focus on innovative product development enables us to launch new ideas into the market a step ahead of the competition. AMP strives toward sustainable manufacturing.

About World Wildlife Fund

WWF is the world's leading conservation organization, working in 100 countries for nearly half a century. With the support of almost 5 million members worldwide, WWF is dedicated to delivering science-based solutions to preserve the diversity and abundance of life on Earth, halt the degradation of the environment and combat climate change. Visit to learn more.