Acer LumiRead ereader: WiFi, ISBN scanner & QWERTY

Acer's mysterious Android tablet may have stolen the show, but their new LumiRead ereader is worth consideration too.  Packing a 6-inch monochrome E Ink display and a Kindle-style QWERTY keyboard, the LumiRead has WiFi – and 3G in a future model – together with an ISBN scanner that can be used to keep a wish-list of titles for future purchase.

There's also 2GB of onboard storage – good, Acer say, for around 1,500 ebook titles – together with a microSD card slot.  It's also DLNA compliant, which means you can use it to stream music from Acer's system or a third-party streaming system.

As for content, Acer has apparently inked deals with Barnes & Noble in the US, in Germany and Founder in China.  You can also go online with the built-in browser, and save a local version of pages for reading later when you've no connection.  No word on pricing, but the Acer LumiRead is apparently due to arrive in Q3 2010.

Press Release:

Acer LumiRead

Enhance your Experience with Localized Content

We are experiencing a content revolution. Internet has made readily accessible to everyone a growing amount of content. Now users are looking for devices through which they can take advantage of this sea of contents.

eBooks are one of the ways Internet has made content available to users and, with hundreds of new titles coming out every day, they are having a growing success.

Acer has picked up this user trend and developed the LumiRead, a device that while offering users an excellent reading experience it seamlessly integrates in the Acer solution to let people live through a 360° Acer experience. In fact the Acer LumiRead is DLNA compliant, therefore capable to access Acer and share contents like eBooks and audio-books.

Light, compact and easy to use, the Acer LumiRead is the ultimate travel companion. No need to choose which books you want to carry with you, you will always have your entire library at your disposal, on the beach or on top of a mountain. Intuitive navigation and comfortable layout of content offer an excellent reading experience no matter where you are. And, should you run out of books to read, you can connect wirelessly or via 3G module to download the latest bestseller!

Acer has already signed agreements with Barnes&Nobles, a leading US company offering over 1 million titles in its eBooks store,, a Germany's leading Internet book retailer offering over 4 Million titles, which also distributes to book retailers through the wholesaler Libri GmbH, Founder, one of China's most innovative and influential high-tech companies, to provide localized contents in English, Chinese and German. But also French and Italian readers will be able shortly to read books in their languages, thanks to other agreements that are almost ready to be formalized.

Acer LumiRead comes with 6-inch display, it's only few millimeters thick and permits to carry an entire library of up to 1,500 books in just a handful of grams. With non-glare, no backlit e-Ink display, it delivers a paper-like reading experience, even under bright sunlight.

Equipped with 2GB flash memory, it can hold more than a thousand of books and its capacity can be easily expanded just by adding a MicroSD card. An innovative ISBN scanner allows to scan ISBN codes so you can create your own wish-list and search on supported online libraries and book stores.

Acer LumiRead is rich of cool features designed to offer a better experience. The QWERTY keyboard makes it easy to browse the web and find and share information on books. The auto-layout automatically adjusts the content to offer the best reading experience according to the format. It supports various formats, multiplying users choices, and most popular DRM (Adobe and OMA2.0).

You can easily browse through you entire collection of books thanks to the simple and intuitive user interface, that let you also visualize book categories for better management of your library.

Acer LumiRead features a built-in Internet Browser, and the unique "Smart Download" saves website content for reading anytime, everywhere!