Acer joins Starbreeze in developing VR headset for theme parks, arcades

Starbreeze isn't a name you may hear very often, but for the last year the game studio has been working on the StarVR system, a high-end headset that will be used in theme parks and arcades. Now they've partnered up with Acer to continue development, the companies have announced. Part of the computer maker's contribution will be building desktops and laptops powerful enough for StarVR to run off of.

As StarVR is designed to be used in professional entertainment environments — as opposed to a personal user's living room — it has some serious advantages over the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets. This includes a much wider field of vision, at 210 degrees, making it almost double the field of view offered by the two former devices.

Starbreeze says this allows wearers to use their peripheral vision, creating an experience that's much closer to their real-world sight abilities.

Besides the computer hardware, Starbreeze's partnership with Acer also provides them with experience in scaling their production for a growing market. A number of theme parks have announced VR-enhanced attractions, like roller coasters, not to mention theme parks that are experienced entirely in VR. Now Starbreeze and Acer want to be one of the main providers for these experiences.

SOURCE Starbreeze