Acer Iconia Smart S300 Android giant sees FCC teardown

Before today's FCC appearance, it was back in February that we last glanced upon this device. We got our first hands-on look at the Acer Iconia Smart S300, a smartphone that, at the time, seemed too massive to be real. Now we know that, not only is it real, 4.8-inches isn't the strangest thing in the world for future smartphone-like devices.

What we get to see today is a set of insides of this massive honker of a smartphone device, Acer showing that it's got nothing to hide but a lovely amalgamation of bits and pieces that together make up what might be the first real in-between device that's not quite a tablet, not quite a smartphone. By all means we've enjoyed what Acer has brought to the word of Android thus far, let's have the smartphone next!

This device is set, if specs here and the international model can be trusted, to have a single-core single-core 1GHz MSM8255 SnapDragon processor, a display that is indeed 4.8-inches with 1024 x 480 pixel resolution, and the device will have top class 2 and 8 megapixel cameras as well. What this teardown reveals is that you'll be getting SanDisk flash memory, what appears to be SDRAM from Hynix, and a power management chip from Qualcomm. We'll get a better look at the device in action once we review it in a few weeks (or perhaps sooner!)

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[via WirelessGoodness]