Acer chairman: iPad market share will drop to 20-30%

Chris Davies - Aug 23, 2010
Acer chairman: iPad market share will drop to 20-30%

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of ambition, but we can’t help but wonder if Acer chairman JT Wang is going to end up regretting his cavalier predictions about the iPad’s falling market share.  Speaking to Chinese language paper the Economic Daily News, Wang suggested that by the time the tablet market “stabilizes” Apple’s share will have dropped from nearly 100-percent to 20 to 30-percent.  The Acer chairman suggests that Apple’s closely-tied hardware, software and content divisions helped them “preempt” the market, but highlights recent research that found Android market share had surpassed that of iOS.

Wang believes the openness of Android will prevail over iOS’ relatively closed nature, and expects iPad rivals such as Acer’s own tablet – due Q4 this year – together with competitors from ASUS, Dell and others will eat away at Apple’s current dominance of the consumer tablet segment.  While Apple’s in-house development allowed them to launch first, he suggests, when competitors get their own acts together it will show “long-term explosive strength.”

[via DigiTimes]

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