Acer Android Tablets Hands-On

The folks from Engadget that were in the super fancy fashion audience sitting around the runway at the Acer global press conference today had the opportunity to put their hands on several of the devices announced at the event, including the 10.1-inch tablet, 4.8-inch smartphone, and 7-inch tablet. Sadly, because most of the tablets Acer announced today are going to be running on Android Honeycomb (Google's tablet OS), they basically didn't function at the moment. They did get to peek at the 10.1-inch dual-core Tegra-powered tablet though, taking a peek at some high definition video but noting it to be "sluggish" and seeming very much like a pre-production device.

Once they were able to see the 7-inch tablet and 4.8-inch phone, they noted that they too seemed to look and feel like very pre-production units, but did have nice glossy black screens and brushed metal backs. They note that the phone's screen seems huge [read more here] and that for the most part all of the devices looked decent. Exciting?!

[Via Engadget]