Acer Android Tablets Announced

Evan Selleck - Nov 23, 2010
Acer Android Tablets Announced

Today, Acer took center stage in New York to announce a plethora of new devices. While their dual-screen laptop may be one of the shining moments for the company, they’ve got a few ideas for the tablet market, too, which is exactly what we expected to see. Acer took some time to show off not only a 10.1-inch tablet, but also a 7-inch version, both of which run Google’s Android mobile Operating System.

While both tablets run the Android OS, which many believe to be Android 2.2 under the hood, their differences are enough to make the question regarding screen size one of the most important aspects. The 10-inch version (featuring a resolution of 1280 x 800) will feature full Flash 10.1 support, but under the hood you’ll find a 1GHz processor. It will also feature Acer’s User Interface, v4.5. Along the back, you’ll find a 4MP camera.

And then there’s the 7-inch Android-based tablet. This device will actually feature a Qualcomm dual-core 1.2GHz processor under the hood, the same Acer User Interface as its larger brethren, and full Flash 10.1 support. There’s no telling which version of Android is being run on this smaller tablet. It does feature the same 1280 x 800 resolution on the smaller display, though. Both tablets are due to hit retail by April of 2011.

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