Acer and ASUS bring the touchscreen fury for Win8 at Computex

This week we're getting a barrage of device reveals coming forth from both Acer and ASUS at Computex, each of them featuring Windows 8 and touchscreen interfaces. We've had a chance to get our hands on several of the most major additions to this collection of oncoming computers, each of them filmed live in Taiwan! Devour the Acer Iconia tablets, see the wild and crazy ASUS TAICHI dual-screen notebook – get your eyes on the whole lot!

First have a peek as ASUS presents their Transformer Books, made to bring you no less than Windows 8 on a display that's detachable from the keyboard dock it sits in and on. These books will bring you all the great things we've seen in the Transformer series for Android, this time with Microsoft's newest operating system.

[vms 2dca3d944faab9144781]

Next see ASUS' presentation of the TAICHI, a device which has not one, but two screens on it – one on top of the tablet, one on the inside next to the keyboard. Have a peek first at the presentation, then see the hands-on right afterward:

[vms 93fe8abcfe3ce2003e5c]

The hands-on we've got is presented by ASUS and shows the most current build of Windows 8, just about as close to the actual consumer release as you're going to get. This device has a larger display on the inside and a smaller display on the outside – both of them touchscreens.

[vms 19fd9c84c942a08316e0]

ASUS Transformer all-in-one is here as well, one of two gigantic devices that sits on its own pedestal to show off touchscreen greatness from all angles.

[vms 1415bc0e9e2625fae373]

Then get prepared for Acer's show of power at Computex as well, with Windows 8 once again right up at the head of things in all aspects.

[vms 6506b46a4ac4a1e378b9]

Then we've got two magical devices to show you in close-up hands-on experiences. First have a peek at the Acer Aspire 7600U, another all-in-one device made to encourage you to touch the future of Microsoft. Behold one of the larger iterations of Windows 8 we've seen at the convention thus far.

[vms fa4bd8d77d02681df5cf]

Finally take a peek at the Acer ICONIA W510, a tablet that comes with a keyboard dock and the ability to turn its face around so many degrees that you'll swear its possessed. This is one of two tablets that were shown today by Acer, both of them with Windows 8 inside.

[vms 053d309b6bed5c89de21]

Have a peek at the timeline below to get a complete deep-dive into all of the action we've seen thus far from Acer and ASUS this week as well. It's an international fight for the greater good of Microsoft's Windows 8!