A real Nokia Tablet at last: Android inside

Nokia revealed they'd be releasing a new tablet in October of 2021. They compared said device to their 2017 release of their newest take on the indestructible smartphone – the legendary Nokia 3310. Now, here in the year 2021, it's time to revive the dream that Nokia designers have been teasing for what seems like forever.

If we look back at the Nokia 3310 (2017), we see several interesting details. This device is exceedingly inexpensive, like a good Nokia feature phone should be. It has a classic design – as facilitated by the internet in the years following the demise of Nokia's first wave of major mobile success. You might also be surprised to see hands-on photos of this device captured at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona – it seems like a lifetime ago that we were actually taking part in massive people-filled events such as that.

Now Nokia – the most modern version of the brand Nokia Mobile – has taken to Twitter to tease their next major hype-worthy device. A new Nokia tablet. The first photo of this device delivered to the public shows the tablet near the 2017 Nokia 3310.

You'll find the new tablet with a body that's a bit more than twice the height of the phone. This matches up nicely with the specifications for the tablet that's been leaked earlier this year with the name Nokia T20.

According to leaked data on this device, the Nokia T20 has a 10.36-inch display with at least two configurations. One is WiFi only, the other has 4G LTE. It's highly likely this tablet will be released with 4GB RAM, 64GB internal storage (at least), and a price under $200 USD. The reveal date (and maybe the release date) for the Nokia T20 tablet (or whatever it'll be called) is October 6, 2021.