A possible price drop for the PS3

With the announcement that Sony is dropping the 20GB PS3 from their lineup, that ensured that you would need to fork over $600 to get even the lowest model. Many people think that's more than they want to pay for the gaming console. Now it seems that Sony may be considering a price cut.

Sony apparently sent a letter to Akihabaranews claiming that "the budgeting process for PS3 pricing and volumes would be re-examined as market forces and the competitive environment change." Translation: "sales aren't as good as we hoped, and we're thinking about dropping the price."

I really think that if a price cut does come it will likely come around the same time as they larger hard drives that they are pondering. Either way, that's good news for those considering purchasing a PS3.

Sony may reduce the price of the PS3 [via akihabaranews]