Apple Watch Pro Case Leak Teases What A Big Deal This Is

2022 seems to be fast becoming the year major wearable brands are making inroads into the largely uncharted territory of "Pro" smartwatches. While there is no set definition for what makes a smartwatch attain Pro status, the consensus seems to be their larger size (case sizes typically exceeding 45mm) and a target user base that prioritizes unique features above everything else. 

These larger, more capable watches come loaded with tech and by virtue of their size, offer much better battery life compared to normal-sized smartwatches and even offer additional extras like the ability to charge themselves using solar power. The Pro smartwatch category, until recently, was largely the bastion of models like the Enduro and Fenix series from Garmin.

With rumors of Apple working on a Pro edition of the Apple Watch, it was only natural for its Korean archrival Samsung to make a move of its own. In August, Samsung did exactly that when it launched the 45mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, the company's biggest smartwatch ever. While it shared some internals with the rest of the Galaxy Watch 5 lineup, it boasted a completely fresh design language and an overall improvement in ruggedness thanks to the body being made of titanium.

Recent rumors surrounding Apple's own Pro smartwatch indicate that the product could be called the Apple Watch Pro. The same report also talks about the likelihood of existing Apple Watch accessories becoming incompatible with the Apple Watch Pro on account of its larger frame. More recent reports only seem to confirm these older assertions.

How big will the Apple Watch 8 Pro be?

A set of images leaked by leaker Sonny Dickson gives us the first glimpse of how much bigger the Apple Watch 8 Pro would be compared to existing Apple Watch models. To begin with, Dickson claims that the Apple Watch 8 Pro will have a 49mm case — making it even bigger than the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Furthermore, this larger case will also enable Apple to cram in a massive (for a watch) display that could exceed the 2-inch mark. In comparison, existing Apple Watch Series 8 models get displays that measure 1.61-inches (41mm) and 1.901-inches (for the 45mm models).

Dickson's claims received additional endorsement from usually trustworthy sources — including Bloomberg's Mark Gurman and Indian tech publication 91Mobiles. Gurman, in a tweet, quoted 91Mobiles' CAD renders for the Apple Watch 8 Pro and indicated that these renders belong to Apple's upcoming Pro smartwatch. The rest of the specs continue to remain under wraps.

After Apple announces the Apple Watch 8 Pro on September 7, the product is likely to become the flagship smartwatch offering from the company with prices exceeding $800 — with some sources even suggesting it could breach the $1000 mark. Along with the Apple Watch 8 Pro and the rest of the Apple Watch Series 8 lineup, the company is also expected to announce an affordable version of its smartwatch dubbed the Apple Watch SE.