Garmin Enduro smartwatch aims at endurance athletes

Garmin has launched a new fitness wearable that's aiming directly at endurance athletes called the Garmin Enduro. The Enduro is a GPS multisport watch focusing on long battery life. The manufacturer says that the wearable was designed for the longest races offering weeks of battery life along with a lightweight and durable design.

The Enduro has customizable power management modes and utilizes a Power Glass solar charging lens to harvest the power from sunlight to extend battery life for the wearable up to 65 days. Garmin also bakes in advanced training features and performance monitoring tools to help improve endurance athletes' training.

New training and recovery tools in the Enduro include VO2 Max to track cardiovascular fitness levels. ClimbPro provides real-time information on current and upcoming climbs, including gradient, distance, and elevation gain. Rest Timer is available in the Ultrarun activity that features a rest timer for logging time spent at aid stations. For mountain bikers, the Mountain Biking function tracks details of every ride with specialized grid and flow measurements that rate trail difficulty and track descent time.

Recovery tracking helps athletes know how much time is needed for recovery between sessions. The watch can also provide recommended workouts for training guidance. Enduro was also able to measure heart rate and has an integrated pulse oximetry sensor and a Body Battery feature to monitor the user's energy levels.

The wearable also has navigation and connectivity features with support for multiple global navigation satellite systems and integrated sensors, including an altimeter and barometer along with the three-axis electronic compass. Enduro can also be paired with a Garmin inReach Mini satellite communicator to allow users to send and receive messages from the watch. Enduro models are available now, ranging in pricing from $799.99 to $899.99.