$99.99 Palm Pre arrives on Amazon

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Start the day as you mean to go on: with a bargain.  If you've been thinking of picking up a Palm Pre, but have shied away even from the recently reduced price of $149.99 on Sprint, then how does a sub-$100 Pre strike you?

Amazon have begun listing the Pre for just $99.99, assuming you're willing to take out a new, two-year plan with it.  Fifty bucks saved spread over the course of a two year contract isn't a huge dent, but it's enough to pick up a Touchstone inductive charger too and still for a couple of cents less than Sprint would demand for the phone alone.  Check out our review of the Palm Pre here.

Palm Pre Unboxing:

[vms f202f26c1a174c735758]

[via GearDiary]