Ring Intercom Gives Your Door Buzzer A Smart Home Upgrade

Ring is making intercoms smarter with its latest home security product that aims to do more than just buzz visitors in. Amazon-backed company Ring has been offering a bevy of smart home security accessories for almost a decade now. Its Ring Protect package equips homes with an assortment of smart yet practical security measures that work well in unison. The bundle comes with devices that could either improve or fully replace common household fixtures such as your doorbell, alarms, locks, and even your physical keys. However, there's more to smart security tech than simply fortifying homes to keep potential threats outside.

Sure, Ring's security system helps keep strangers out, even resulting in unexpectedly entertaining outcomes at times, but what about everyone else? Here's where Ring's new Intercom comes in — It's a smart home add-on that not only helps you identify and communicate with whoever's at your doorstep, it also lets you decide who gets to enter your humble abode. Contrary to what its name implies, the Ring Intercom doesn't exactly replace your typical on-site communications system. Instead, it complements it by adding some neat smart security features into the mix.

What are the Ring Intercom's features?

In a press release, Ring revealed how its Intercom will act as an upgrade to its conventional counterpart. For starters, allowing entry to your home from anywhere is possible using the Intercom's Remote Unlock feature via the Ring app. It can also "auto-verify" certain people to enter your home under certain conditions. For example, expected guests can enter your pad with digital keys that you provide them with, while Amazon delivery drivers can be given access only during the allotted time period that you specify. When used with the Ring app, users can keep tabs on things like the number of Intercom interactions and remote access usage, and they can even take back access from friends constantly disturbing their "me time."

Now, Ring's products are known to integrate well with other smart home accessories, and the same goes for its Intercom which can "work seamlessly" with some Alexa-enabled devices as well. This makes hands-free intercom access possible for users around its vicinity. Although it does need recharging, not to mention an existing intercommunication system just to function, at least using it won't require any additional subscriptions whatsoever. As for pricing, the Ring Intercom costs £119.99 ($139) alone or with a Quick-Release charging station and extra battery bundle for £149.99 ($174). Availability in the UK begins on September 28, with shipping starting on October 26. U.S. buyers, on the other hand, will have to wait until next year.