This Fan Just Improved The Nintendo Switch Controller

Designing video game controllers has got to be difficult, not just from the obvious general usability and ergonomics standpoint, but also accessibility. Limitations can make using a standard game controller more of a challenge. Fortunately there are also a number of options and fan-made modifications that address some of these potential sticking points. From the Xbox Adaptive Controller to a 3D printed Switch Joy-Con adapter, both manufacturers and fans are working on solutions.

Vexelius' 3D printed mount for Switch Joy-Cons is a simple and affordable option for anyone who might only be able to play with one hand. However, a modder who goes by Akaki Kuumeri has designed something a little more complex ... and a little more versatile.

Kuumeri explains that the design went through multiple iterations before being finalized, but the end result is a one-handed Switch controller adapter that gives players full access to all of the necessary buttons and control sticks on both Joy-Cons. And it's available in both left-and right-handed models.

How it works

The finished "One-Handed Switch Joy-Con adapter" is an innovative piece of engineering that allows one-handed play by flipping one of the two Joy-Cons upside-down (depending on whether you're playing left- or right-handed). What's more, it doesn't require any modification to the Joy-Cons themselves, or even any changes to your Joy-Con settings. You just slip them into the adapter and you're good to go.

A flexible armature on the bottom of the adapter is used to control the stick on the upside-down Joy-Con, and you just have to lay it on a surface (like your leg or a table) and nudge it in order to get things to move. It's also been engineered in such a way that it will properly invert left and right movement, so the directional response will match the direction you move the controller.

Beyond the clever stick control, there are also armatures built into the center of the adapter that can be used to press the face buttons on the upside-down Joy-Con. This allows you to tap any one of the eight of the Switch controller's face buttons using a single thumb. Likewise, shoulder button control for the inverted Joy-Con is handled with two buttons located on the inside of the adapter grip.

You can order Kuumeri's one-handed Switch controller adapter through Etsy, in either left- or right-handed versions (as well as adapters for other popular console controllers). Each adapter comes with optional straps for your hand and leg for better stability, and the bundle is priced at around $205 USD, which is understandable due to the made-to-order, handmade nature of each set.