Every Game Coming To The Sega Genesis Mini 2

If you're into retro games, you're going to love today's announcement from Sega — the company just revealed the full roster of titles that will be available to play upon the release of its upcoming throwback console. Dubbed the Sega Genesis Mini 2, the miniature console is going to hit the market on October 27. Seeing as we're getting a total of 60 games, that marks a massive bump over the previous-gen Genesis Mini that maxed out at 40. Some of these titles are real gems that haven't been seen in forever, having only been released through the Sega CD system previously. The console will also serve up an upgraded six-button controller. 

To announce all of these games, Sega of America put out an exciting video that lasts over seven minutes and covers the entire game list — you can see it embedded below. There are some absolute classics that were pretty much a guarantee to arrive, but there are also forgotten oldies-but-goldies that many of us will be happy to play through yet again on more modern hardware.

One of the highlights is the inevitable "Sonic the Hedgehog" which Nintendo has already resurrected through the Switch console. Indeed, Sega is not the first to make the move to give gamers a glimpse of the past — the Nintendo Switch Online covers some of the most iconic NES and SNES games, but now, Sega will have a worthy rival available through a different console. 

The console will feature a whopping sixty games

The Sega Genesis Mini 2 does more than just re-introduce titles we've already seen. Two games are entirely unreleased and are making their first appearance: "Devi & Pii" and "Star Mobile." If you want to buy the console, you'll need to shop on Amazon Japan, and costs around $120 if you ship it to the United States, where $99 is the cost of the console and the shipping adds roughly an extra $20-$22. Nintendo's similar nostalgia-fueled release, the SNES Classic Edition, was initially priced at $79.99, but that one only came with 21 games as opposed to the sixty you're getting with the Sega. 

Some of the games we're going to see in the fall include not just "Sonic the Hedgehog" but also "Sonic 3D" alongside beat 'em up classics like "Super Street Fighter 2," "Streets of Rage 3," "Midnight Resistance," and "Clayfighter." The Sega CD games are well-represented with "Ecco the Dolphin" and "Ecco: The Tides of Time," "Final Fight CD," and "Shining Force CD." You can also go back to space and shoot some spaceships with "Hellfire" or control an attack chopper in "Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf."

There are also titles that likely gave us nightmares when they first came out, including "Splatterhouse 2" and the once highly controversial 1992 game "Night Trap." The latter title was one of the key topics during the 1993 United States Senate committee hearing that pertained to violent video games, but by today's standards, it's quite tame — which is not to say that you should hand it to your four-year-old. The lineup has something in it for everyone, so if you're a fan of retro games, keep an eye out on Amazon Japan to pick up the upcoming — decidedly non-disappointing — console.