The BMW Z3 Is An Affordable Bond Car

When it comes to cars featured in the "James Bond" franchise, there's nothing more iconic than the Aston Martin DB5 featured in classic movies like "Goldfinger" or the most recent Bond movie, "No Time to Die." It's elegant, stylish, and equipped with Gatling guns behind the headlights. It's really all you could ever ask for in a spy car. 

However, the DB5 is quite expensive. If you want the actual car featured in the films, you'd have to shell out an estimated $2 million according to CNBC. Just about every Aston Martin is sure to give most Bond fans some sticker shock. However, owning a Bond car is not completely outside the realm of possibility for the more budget-minded movie fan.

In 1995, the movie "Goldeneye" was released with Pierce Brosnan starring as the secret agent James Bond. In the movie, Bond's associate Q introduces Bond to his tricked-out car — in this case, a BMW Z3. It's equipped with all manner of spy gadgets, including missiles, radar, a parachute, and a self-destruct feature. The BMW is only used very briefly in the movie and "Goldeneye" is better remembered today as a fantastic Nintendo 64 game. 

Bond on a Budget

Despite only a short amount of screen time, the Z3 does qualify as a Bond car, an inexpensive one at that. According to pricing information from CarGurus, a 1996 BMW Z3 can be purchased for just over $13,000. This price does not include Z3s equipped with a self-destruct feature or Stinger missiles. But it's safe to say those modifications would add to the overall price. Not to mention violating several national and international weapons laws. Even without a parachute and radar, a BMW Z3 is still a bargain. 

Now, a 26-year-old BMW is not nearly as stately as an Aston Martin DB5 or as fast as the DB9, but at least it looks a bit better than the AMC Hornet used by Bond in 1974's "The Man with the Golden Gun." You don't need a license to kill to look the part of 007, nor do you need to break the bank.