Tesla Body Damage Repairs Cost Way More Than You Might Expect

Tesla is synonymous with electric vehicles, and most people think it makes the most reliable EVs. It also doesn't spend a dime on advertising, yet it's the most valuable car company in the world. From having the best safety ratings, next-level software, autonomous technology, and cheaper fuel cost, there are a lot of reasons why people love Tesla cars. Of course, they're also zero-emission vehicles, and that counts towards saving the planet.

Another advantage of electric vehicles like Tesla is that they don't have an engine. This means that you get to service the vehicle less often compared to gasoline vehicles. According to Motor1, the average service cost of a Tesla is about $1,410 in five years. However, it's not all sunshine and roses considering that the cost of repairing a Tesla is significantly more expensive than a standard car. How much are we talking about? It's probably way more than you expect. 

It could be more than you can afford without an insurance

In a YouTube video, Ryan Shaw, a creator who specializes in Tesla and Tech content, described just how much it might cost to repair a Tesla after an accident. According to him, the repair cost of his Tesla Model Y after a rear-end collision was almost $20,000! Some of the most expensive parts that were replaced included the lift gate at $1,200, the quarter panel at $1,150, and the rear bumper at $680. Ryan Shaw's Tesla Model Y was also involved in another rear-end collision with a repair bill that cost around $10,000. Lucky for him, the repair costs of both accidents were covered by insurance.

It's not the first time that Tesla vehicles have proven to have expensive repair bills — a windshield replacement for a Tesla Model X could cost you as much as $1,311 without labor. Another YouTuber, Rich Rebuilds, claims he fixed a Tesla Model 3 at his garage for $700 after Tesla estimated the repair cost at $16,000. Also, a Tesla owner based in Finland decided to blow up his Model S after Tesla estimated a cost of $22,600 to replace the battery (via Gizmodo).

Similar stories are all over the internet, and even though the can't all be verified, it's a concern that most Tesla owners complain that repair costs are too expensive without a warranty or insurance cover. At the moment, Tesla discourages its customers from taking their cars to third-party repair services.