Why You Won't See Christian Bale Driving A Ferrari

Christian Bale might be up against Ferrari in "Ford v Ferrari," but that's not why you won't see him riding a car bearing the iconic prancing horse. From driving a Lamborghini Murcielago as Bruce Wayne in "The Dark Knight," to racing the legendary Ford GT40 as pro driver Ken Miles in "Ford v Ferrari," Bale is no stranger to being behind the wheel of some titillating vehicles. As Miles, Bale pushed the GT40 so hard that he outpaced Ferrari's iconic 330 P4 at Le Mans, even earning a hats-off moment from old-man Enzo after the race. Given his convincing portrayal, some might assume Bale wouldn't go anywhere near Ferraris after such a glorious display of victory.

In reality, however, the English actor is rarely seen in any exotic sports car at all, let alone a Ferrari. While Ferrari is known to rub celebrities like Jay Leno the wrong way, the fact that Bale doesn't drive one has nothing to do with the Italian automaker. Instead of his character's Ford GT40, Bale has been regularly spotted driving around in something a lot more inconspicuous: an aging Toyota truck. As seen in a YouTube video, the Academy Award-winner's ride of choice is a 2003 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. Bale reportedly drives a BMW 3 series as well, but his TRD PreRunner V6 Tacoma is somewhat of a collector's item, according to MotorBiscuit. The thing is, the truck's notoriety as a collectible isn't exactly why Bale ended up in a Tacoma for so long.

Why did Bale choose a Toyota over a Ferrari?

Sure, a first-generation Toyota Tacoma might not have the same appeal as a Ferrari, but that's exactly what Bale likes about it. In an interview with The Daily Beast in 2016, the celebrated actor explained why he still drives his old pickup truck, saying "it's practical." Bale added, "All my friends need it for moving stuff." The Oscar-holder pointed out another benefit: he wouldn't have to worry about his Tacoma being scratched or stolen as he believes people won't find it valuable. In fact, the English star's Toyota pickup wasn't even brand new when he got it — it was a second-hand purchase, and he has been driving it for over a decade ever since.

Owning a shiny new Ferrari would likely be a nightmare for someone like Bale, who clearly doesn't want to be stressed out over his daily driver. Being in an old used truck is certainly an advantage for celebrities hoping to blend in, but Bale has other reasons for keeping his trusty Toyota Tacoma. "Because I love it," Bale said in an interview with Esquire. The actor expressed how he identifies with his truck, even relating it to his humble beginnings. "It's who I am, it's what I come from," he explained. High praise for a pickup that Consumer Reports describes as "unimpressive" with "slow and numb" steering.

Bale has a fondness for motorcycles, too

While driving fast in Ferraris might not be Bale's cup of tea, that doesn't mean he's not sating his thirst for speed. Apparently, Bale also loves racing motorcycles and utilizes his pickup to carry them. The actor owns an exotic MV Agusta F4 sport bike gifted to him by the manufacturer, which at the time, retailed for $25,000 (via Esquire). Bale describes motorcycle racing as "hypnotizing," something that he would "obsess about." He's not the only high-profile celebrity to fall for the allure of two wheels, either. 

Keanu Reeves' daily driver, a Porsche 911 custom-built for the actor, may be more flashy than Bale's pickup truck, but he's also a big fan of motorcycles. In fact, Reeves co-founded a bike startup in 2011, establishing Arch Motorcycle Company with custom bike expert Gard Hollinger. They and their team craft unique motorcycles for people with big budgets: ownership starts at around $85,000 and spirals up from there. 

As for Bale, the method actor isn't ruling out racing cars in the future, too. In an interview with Autoweek, Bale said he considered hitting the track in a racecar, as he quipped that he was banned from motorcycle races. However, that may not happen in a Ferrari, but rather in a Shelby AC Cobra. Bale admitted to fantasizing about the Cobras he drove in "Ford v Ferrari," as he deems them "special." His only gripe was that he couldn't fit his family in such a compact roadster, but would want to get one if a four-seater version was made. Perhaps Ferrari ought to coax the Oscar-winner into getting its high-performance Purosangue SUV instead.